The Radio Recorder: Your Trusted Companion in Radio Show Expansion

The Radio Recorder: Your Radio Show Growth Partner. As a DJ or Station, growing your audience is crucial. The Radio Recorder is designed to help you achieve this goal. With our recording solution, you can effortlessly capture your shows and make them readily available to your listeners, anytime, anywhere.

All Formats Covered: Our recording technology supports all versions of MP3/AAC, including but not limited to v2/he/low, with the same format and bitrate as your broadcasts.

Legal Compliance Assured: To ensure compliance, we store your recordings for 6 weeks, in line with Ofcom’s Content Standards.

Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Features: The Radio Recorder keeps you ahead of the game with its dynamic platform that continually adds new features to support your growth. We offer flexible upload options and provide API calls for updates when a new show becomes available. Your recordings will be accessible within 60 seconds of a show’s end, offering your listeners a seamless listening experience.

Affordable and Accessible to Everyone: Our pricing model is affordable and accessible to all, regardless of the number of shows you produce each week. All features are enabled on all accounts, so you can grow with us.

Join us today with a free account and experience the convenience of our fully automated recording solution. Say goodbye to manual recordings and hello to effortless scheduling, uploading, and social media notifications. Our free account also offers secure downloads of your recordings. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your radio experience. Start your free account now!